Your professional in agricultural mechanics and heavy machinery repair in Estrie!

Are you looking for a professional mechanic to get your heavy agricultural machinery up and running? Do the suspensions of your heavy truck need to be replaced? With Services Randboro, you benefit from the expertise of a professional mechanic specializing in the repair of agricultural machinery in the Eastern Townships for 15 years! We offer fast, affordable and always professional service!

Heavy agricultural mechanics service

Your machinery is above all your working tool. Any breakage and wear in the latter and all your professional activities are compromised. Fortunately, thanks to our expertise in agricultural mechanics in Estrie, you can rely on reliable and competent specialists. We have at our disposal high quality spare parts to restore the power of your machinery.

We have had complete mechanical repair equipment at our workshop located in Estrie for over 15 years. Entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector of the region made use of our expertise to maintain and repair their machinery.

Our mechanical repair service is primarily focused on the needs of professionals in the agricultural sector. You need your machinery to work efficiently and for this reason, we are committed to providing fast service. In this way, you will be able to resume your activities with the least delay.

Repair of heavy agricultural machinery
Suspension replacement and repair
Welding work

Repair and manufacture of metric and standard hydraulic hoses


Sale of agricultural machinery parts
Sale of heavy truck parts
Replacement of the air conditioning system

Manufacturing of hydraulic systems

Services Randboro:
15 years of agricultural machinery repair expertise

Our garage for agricultural mechanics was created over 15 years ago in the greater Eastern Townships! We specialize in agricultural mechanics to meet the demand of entrepreneurs in the region. All of our repair services are designed above all to meet the requirements of agricultural workers in the Eastern Townships. To achieve this, we are committed to offering competitive prices on parts and labor, in addition to providing fast repair service!

We are recognized for the precision of our work and for the quality of our repairs. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with concrete solutions. Don’t neglect your safety and don’t compromise your performance with faulty machinery. Make a quick appointment at our agricultural mechanic garage: Services Randboro!

Contact us for quick assistance with your machinery!

Is your farm machinery defective and you are looking for an expert to restore it? With Services Randboro, you have benefited from a mechanical repair service for agricultural machinery in the Eastern Townships for over 15 years! Our experts work quickly and with precision to bring you the solutions you are looking for. Contact us without further delay to book an appointment!



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